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tv   News  ABC  July 19, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> muggy and sticky. >> a blazer, look, i. >> sans jacket. >> i go the first hour without a jacket in the summertime. this is the psychological coolness because it's only 76 degrees in baltimore. this is actually the coolest we have been. we slip below the 08 degree mark in baltimore at two this morning. so full blast acs across the area. 75 in easton feels like 80, 82 ocean city. 83 that's the hagerstown heat index this morning. yuck, further west of hagerstown frostburg and garrett county getting storms. now there's a little boundary dropping south. we could still ignite showers around here. so we will watch the radar for the next couple hours. and then continue to watch it throughout the afternoon as i think we will have a better chance of showers and storms to populater on today. that will come after a high temperature of 93. our two degree guarantee. but a slight risk of storms turning severe. more on the heat coming up. more on traffic with tonya. >> reporter: well, accidents,
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we have water main repairs, we will take a look at the highway to see what's going on on the southwest side of the city. 95 just north of 195. heats look at things moving well. 95 southbound to the right of the screen a little heavier. that's the northbound traffic on the left. all your lanes are opened here. no problems to report. drive times are okay heading 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes. 95 southbound from white marsh to the beltway, a couple minutes longer. about 9 minutes. on out outer loop from 795 to 70, just 7 minutes and 6 minutes from bel air to providence. accident eastern avenue at south haven closed due to an accident. and an accident 97 south at dorsey over on the right shoulder. charley. >> it's been two years in the making, but finally, it's beenbill. the cherry hill road bridge. and this morning, sherrie johnson is live in reisterstownwith the details on what this could mean for baltimore county commuters. >> reporter: well, charley, a lot of folks in the
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reisterstown and owings mills area are excited because the bridge in a few hours will be open to traffic and they are excited about that. later this morning, baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz will be on hand for a ceremony to officially open the cherry hill road bridge. it connects owings mills boulevard and reisterstown road and the cherry hill road bridge is 513 feet long and spans gwenfall and the xsx raid roll. it will provide an important -- csx railroad. it will provide an important artery. and it will cut through traffic in communities that has been a problem in the past. some folks i caught up with this morning are very excited about it. >> it's been three years. will it make it the biggest world changer in reisterstown in the last three years. i can't wait. no more traffic or waiting to get from reisterstown road to owings mills boulevard. enjoy the road, guys. it's a present to us. >> i am happy because i can save so much money on gas i don't have to go around to
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owings mills on the backside of glen brook and it makes everything so much more convenient. my friends lives on the other side of the bridge and i have to drive 10 minutes to see him. i can walk there now. >> reporter: as you can see, they are very excited about the bridge. cost is about $6 million. and the care morny starts at 11:30 this morning right here. reporting live in reisterstown, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> sounds like christmas in july. thanks a lot. tonight, you get a chance to ask the questions about the ford avenue bridge reconstruct project. there's an informational meeting. among the issues to be addressed, construction schedule recommended detour routes and access for emergency services. the meeting will be from 6:30 to 8:30 at baltimore metropolitan council offices on mchenry road. news time is 5:33. lots of ideas, but still not an agreement on the federal debt ceiling. leaders from both side of the political spectrum are crafting
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plans to balanced the budget. work will continue throughout the week. an august 2nd deadline is looming. >> we, off you list, -- obviously, are in a relatively short period of time. the fact we remain confident that will happen is i think important but it doesn't mean we can let up. >> later today, a bipartisan group of senators will unveil a plan to slash trillions of dollars over the next ten years. if a deal he is not reached in time, president obama has warned that there is no guarantee older americans will receive their social security checks next month. republicans accuse the president of resorting to scare tactics. 12 public hearings have been held on redistricting in maryland. the first saturday at 11 in the morning at hancock high school in washington county. the second will be the same day at 2 p.m. at hood college in frederick. now the third is going to be monday, july 25th at prince george's community college in largo. that time is set for 7 p.m.
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august hearings are set for baltimore city and anne arundel, harford and howard counties. making news around the nation, they expected high drama but nothing like this. two thrill seekers got more than they bargained for. they bungee jumped and went on a ride they were on and they got stuck 80 feet in the air. the couple they were on a ride called texas blast off in dallas. it happened last night and the cables locked up. firefighters rescued the couple from the bungee jumping style ride after more than two hours. a political prank in north carolina. an electronic road sign in union county says "impeach obama." officials of the department of transportation suspect hackers are to blame. the message was first seen sunday morning and it was gone by monday. this is not the first time something like this happened in the area. back in march, hackers changed the phrase once again the all too popular zombies ahead sign. that was out there and taken down. there's something you don't see every day. a hungry bear stopped by the
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governor's manson in new mexico. the video he caught it passing up trash cans outside the resident. the department of game and fish in new mexico says fires displayed a number of animals and bears turned up in communities searching for food. all right. off to a break. but a good summer rain can be just what the doctor ordered to cool things down. but, sometimes you can get -- it can get ridiculous. heading south to crescent city where they have more rainthan they can handle. and after being ranked one the worst dressed cities boston getting another not so grand distinction. as we go to break, a live picture from new york, you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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got to see this video. parts of new orleans is drying out this morning. severe weather caused flooding in the big easy. up to 7 inches of rain fell in a matter of a few hours swamping the drainage system there and cutting power to thousands of people. you can see how communities there and commuters had to navigate the streets. some homes suffered damage.
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i know we need rain there but you see that and not that much. >> 7 inches in a couple hours justin? that's got to be close to a record. that's huge. >> that's too much. that's too much for something we can handle here with our drainage system. new orleans drainage system can handle 1 to 2 inches per hour. and overtaking their capacity. and as far as capacity for rain, we have been watching this tropical system form over the bahamas yesterday. at least the night before and work its way into the open atlantic. 200 miles north of the island we are looking at this roll up into the atlantic. it is going to work towards bermuda. wind down to 50 miles per hour to the north, northeast it moves at 6 miles per hour. and you can see it parallelling the coastline and tailing away. limited impact if anything maybe rip currents along ocean city. close to home we are watching this cluster of storms back into the mountains. and there may be a little trigger as the 3w07bdry -- boundary slides to the south. added cloud cover and a slight
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risk of storms turn severe as will be -- we will be close to the atmospheric trigger throughout the day. a slight chance of a storm this morning. better chance this afternoon after a two degree guaranteed high of 93. son tonya. --ton yo. >> reporter: earl -- tonya. >> reporter: an earlier accident cleared out at south haven. no problems on reisterstown road or 795. let's look at could bys mill. 795 at cockys mill no issues here. southbound traffic to the right of the screen. the only thing we are dealing with is 97 south at dorsey road an overturned vehicle but it's over on the right shoulder. charley. >> thanks a lot. a survey is out on the least friendly cities in the u.s. two psychologist conducted the survey measuring gratitude and kindness and each of the nation's 50 largest cities, guess who ranked dead last megan? >> guess i will say boston because that's what the screen says. >> that a girl.
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boston. even meaner than new york. what are you looking at? >> i think it's more the people are harder to get to know. but once you get to know them, they are very pleasant and nice and outgoing. >> there's not very warm in the beginning. they are not. they are standoffish. boston has not had it easy when it comes to rankings. remember qg they named it the worst dressed city in america. >> i don't -- gq? they named it the worst dressed city in america. >> i don't think they are mean i am a red sox fan. >> she can do the accent perfectly. >> not really. just a new york accent. i give justin ahard time about that. stay with us this morning. a report ranks the best of the best when it comes to your medical care. into which hospital ranks tops in the country. now more than 20 years andcounting. >> reporter: she was 14 when police say she pulled the trigger on two men. and i am linda so. the murder trial for the young teen is set to unfold this
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morning in a baltimore courtroom. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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now "good morning maryland." she was only 14 when it happened and now she goes on
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trial accused of murder. abc2 news linda so is here with more about the trial about to unfold. >> reporter: the girl is now 15 and she is accused of shooting two men during a robbery attempt last august. the trial for artesia holt is set to begin this morning in baltimore circuit court. police say the girl shot jose gonzales and another man after the men laughed at her becausethey said she was so young. gonzales was shot in the hid and died a week later. the girl's attorney requested the case be moved to jewel knife court and she is set to a go -- juvenile court and she is set to go on trial this morning. abc2 news. police are reviewing surveillance tape thoapg identify a suspect in the gas station shooting. it happened saturday night in bel air. the suspect was wearing a ski mask when he walked into an exxon station off route 24. gassa gas station attendant was shop during the robbery.
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police believe the suspects may have been involved in another attempted robbery minutes earlier at the high store near the festival. this morning, there's going to be beefed up security at one anne arundel county commute college. we have learned 6 undercover officers will be patrolling the elizabeth landing community in pasadena. now, it's reported from sunday night and yesterday there's been a rash of robberies in that area. some of the things stolen jps device, money, ipads and all being stolen out of unlocked cars and some coming from homes. 5:47. baltimore city councilman carl stokes says baltimore's high property tax rate keeping people from moving into the city. today he is holding an-- he is going to address the issue rather, it will be on cutting the property tax rate in half over five years. several candidates for mayor are calling for a cut in the city's property tax which is twice that in surrounding jurisdictionss. today governor o'malley will visit a summer jobs
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program. he will join stephanie rawlings- blake at the academy for college and career exploration. the program places young people between the ages of 14 and 21 in summer jobs within the private sector. now also it takes into account nonprofit and city as well as state government jobs as well. new for you this morning, for the 21st year in a row, u.s. news and world reports rated johns hopkins number 1 in the country. the hospital is ranked in the top 10 in 15 of the 16 categories. back in may, the magazine listed john hopkins children's center as one of the top ten children's hospital in the u.s. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 95 is what we hit yesterday. 95 up 95 to new york as well. that was just a little outskirt of the heat from the main dome of the heat dominating the
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nation's heartland. 96 detroit. 97 st. louis and further west they had hundreds across the central plains and the southern plains. that was yesterday's high temperatures. today, on the 19th of july, we normally expect a low of 66 and a high of 88. well above that starting temperatures in the baltimore area about 10 above normal. it will -- we will get 10 above this afternoon because we will have more clouds and maybe have to deal with more mugginess and scattered storms. record 57 all we could dream two years ago in 2009. 103 way back in that hot decade of the 19 30s. in 1930 itself. 5:46 sun up and 8:30 the sundown. you can see a clust of storms -- cluster of storms. the deep south, high pressure is in control. and winds around that high pressure will take a weak frontal bondry across the great lakes -- boundary across the great lakes. there were clusters of storms across new england across the
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alantic. we will watch the zo sliding through -- zone sliding through the atlantic. we have enough heat and energy and now enough moisture. we need a lift to get the storms going. and while it looks like this morning's scattered mostly west of the area, slight chance of showers early and then building later on in the day. in fact, the future radar indicates a flare-up of thunderstorms probably across the chesapeake during the afternoon hours. some of these storms because of the energy could contain locally heavy downpours and damaging wind and large hail but doesn't mean everybody is going to get it. it could be one town or two towns over from you that gets hit with a storm and you miss it. or vice versa. we will watch the radar because things may flare up again tomorrow and the future radar highlights it near north baltimore through york, p.a. it could be in the general vicinity as we will highlight maybe wednesday night into thursday morning. as we watch a little impulses to spawn storms, it's about the heat and humidity. 93 the two degree guaranteed.
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the slight risk of severe storms and tonight an isolated shower but more mugginess down to 74. outlook through the rest of the week, temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 90s. 100 by friday. >> reporter: water main work bolt nor nation -- shall baltimore national pike in the left turn lane. 695 at wilkins on the southwest side, traffic is to the left on the outer loop. look at our map, 97 southbound at dorsey road, we have an overturned vehicle on the right shoulder. and an accident ritchie highway northbound at pasadena road. media empire is -- his media empire is under fire. and now rupert murdock is in danger of losing his job. >> what analyst are saying about the media mogul and damage done by the scapeddal. and could charl -- scandal. and could charlie sheen be winning? could he be returning to tv? we will find out. you watching "good morning
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maryland" first and only at 4:30. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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[ latosha ] here are the facts... mr. lambert here was trying to go home for valentine's day. got sick and had to change flights. he paid the difference in airfare. but the other airline... ...smacked him with a 150-dollar fee just to change. 150 bucks. change fee. that's double-dipping. who can afford surprises like that? why does he hate travelers so much?! so what do you think? guilty! stick a fork in him. case closed, honey. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. a board member of news corps says rupert potion murdock's position as ceo is
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safe. they are not considering a replacement. he has to testify about the phone hack scandal on tuesday. internet hackers claimed to have tampered with the websites of two of his papers. there are no more space shuttles docking with the international space station. atlantis departed after leaving behind a year's worth of complies and one of the american flags from the original space shuttle mission and now atlantis is going to touchdown on thursday and it will end the retirement for the 307b year shuttle program -- 30- year shuttle program. the high temperatures gripping the midwest will persist through the week if and it will soon spread to the east coast. the misery had the worst conditions as far from south of texas to minnesota as well as the dakotas. heat indexes well into the 100s. 17 states i been you'd -- issued heat watches warnings or advisories. signs point to the end of the lockout for the nfl they want team executives to go over
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the ins and outs of a labor contract as early as thursday. players are gathering in washington to vote on an agreement in principle. if all goes well, the regular season opener is scheduled for september 8th. and the superbowl champs packers play host to new or lien saints. charlie sheen could return to tv. monday sheen announced he will star in a new sitcom that plays on the image cultivated amid his theory over being fired on "two and a half men "a "he place a lead on anger management. the sitcom no word on which network it is sold to. >> retread that tire and go again, people. health news this morning. a new study shows your marital status may affect how quickly you make it to the hospital. >> really? >> single, married, which one is better for your health and why? we will explain coming up. plus, new technology could
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help you reduce the severity of a car crash. what you need to know that could make your ride even safer. also ahead, look at that a super chihuahua. a man's best friend became man's worst nightmare. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30 in the morning. ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread
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now "good morning maryland." it's very important. i mean, you don't want to get into an ambulance and have something go terribly wrong and you don't know what to do. >> they are trained and hired to protect us. this morning the fire academy may find them smeafs cheating scandal. what they are saying this morning. a controversy this morning over the proposed water front condos. why some living in
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